About the House of Rumzi

Here Are Some Things We Know To Be True

Everything begins with a simple conversation.

Good conversation and the ability to tell a story are priceless. We do that by creating original works of art, often affordable to most anyone.

Life is lived through our senses.

Imagine a field of Cabernet Grapes, the harvest sunset ablaze over the distant mountains, a gentle breeze carries a magical fragrance, a new vintage is heading to the winery.

The feel of silk, the scent of a lavender field, the sight of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, a ripe peach, everything can be a sensuous experience. We create works of art, American Treasures, legacies made to delight your senses.

Quality and design create delight.

We’re different, sharing our works, the images and fun we have in our travels.

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