Yosemite Falls


16 x 20 - Oil Three years passed before we came back to the Valley. Yosemite changed much on our return. What had not changed was the abundant waters and greenery. In the parking lot, I set up my easel and painted Yosemite Falls. What a joy it was to be back to the familiar. … [Read more...]

Yosemite Cathedrals

Painting by Sonia Rumzi - Yosemite Cathedrals

16 x 20 - Oil For my husband's and my birthdays 15 and 16 of April respectively, he took us to Yosemite. Yosemite in general is an awesome place to spend time. But when you study the rock formations individually, it is even more awesome. You are my hiding place You always fills my heart with songs of deliverance Whenever I am afraid I will trust in You. … [Read more...]

When Deserts Bloom


16" x 20" - Oil Pastel  SOLD Maybe it is my own history raised in Egypt without plants in the desert areas but when I see flowers growing in the deserts I shake my head. Do I think they are even deserts? Well, they are. Very little water hits those barren lands. No not barren. Full of life, teeming with green and red and yellow. Love it. … [Read more...]