Oak Trees in Marin


8" x 10" - Oil Oak Trees in the East Coast are large and full, I remember that well. But the power of the oak is even more clear in Marin County where water is a precious commodity. Although a little stunted, the oaks still look wonderful and they spread their shade over me for protection from the harsh Summer sun. … [Read more...]

El Capitane in Winter Snows


8" x 10" - Oil Yosemite Valley is stunning in general but the individual rock formations in grey granite make for spectacular sites. Many people climb the steep face of El Capitan to prove that they can. And when you come upon the structure it is awe inspiring. Trees grow below and around it, in its shade and reflecting sunlight. … [Read more...]

Yosemite Valley in Moonlight


8 x 10 - Oil We visited Yosemite right after I retired. In moonlight, the Valley was covered in mist, hidden from the naked eye.  I knew the rocks were there but they were hidden in vapor. Just like my future and what was to come, hidden in mist until it comes about. … [Read more...]

Yosemite Falls


16 x 20 - Oil Three years passed before we came back to the Valley. Yosemite changed much on our return. What had not changed was the abundant waters and greenery. In the parking lot, I set up my easel and painted Yosemite Falls. What a joy it was to be back to the familiar. … [Read more...]