Yosemite Valley in Moonlight


8 x 10 - Oil We visited Yosemite right after I retired. In moonlight, the Valley was covered in mist, hidden from the naked eye.  I knew the rocks were there but they were hidden in vapor. Just like my future and what was to come, hidden in mist until it comes about. … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice


8 x 10 - Oil When I saw the mountains in the distance, I stopped to take a picture and in the frame this lone tree kept showing up. It seemed wrong to take this picture without the tree. Alone but not lonely, it stood strong and upright in the middle of all the snow around it.   … [Read more...]

Winter Hunting Cabin


8 x 10 - Oil During a stressful week, a friend took us to his hunting cabin in the woods of the Sierra. Though the scenery seemed stark and desolate, when the fire was in the grate and warmth spread, it changed the face of the whole scene. Stress melted away with the crackling fire. The quiet sunk in my soul. Heavenly. … [Read more...]