Winter Locked for A Time


8 x 10 - Oil Passing through the Rockies, we came on an open space hidden behind evergreens. When we stopped the car and peered into the bushes, we saw this cabin covered in snow. It looked well-kept and gave me the impression that it was waiting. Waiting for Spring? Waiting for the owners to come and fill it with warmth? … [Read more...]

Winter Hunting Cabin


8 x 10 - Oil During a stressful week, a friend took us to his hunting cabin in the woods of the Sierra. Though the scenery seemed stark and desolate, when the fire was in the grate and warmth spread, it changed the face of the whole scene. Stress melted away with the crackling fire. The quiet sunk in my soul. Heavenly. … [Read more...]

Sentinel of the Night


8" x 10" - Oil One of the things that frightens me is a stormy sea. When I stood in the night on the edge of cliffs and watched the working lighthouse, turn around and around, spreading its light far and away, fear gripped me further. Then I saw seagull over the churning water and was stunned by his confidence. … [Read more...]